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Hooray for Pokemon!

Everyone loves Pokemon. xD I actually only posted because of the comment that you were going to "try" fixing the looping problem, so I thought I'd throw you a quick tip. In the last frame of the animation, where perhaps you might have the credits, put "stop();" without the quotation marks into the Actions window. That'll solve your problem with looping.

Where'd he get the milk?!?!

The fridge was doin' somethin', (being a portal, perhaps?), and all of a sudden he's got a bowl of cereal, with a milk carton right next to him. Other than that though, nice animation.

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Stolen much?

If you'll notice the loading page, its got Copyright *2006 Mario Galea*, which doesn't seem to be your name nor this year.

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I often found that it wouldn't register my keystrokes. Perhaps it's because I type too quickly, and whenever I built up some speed it would fail to register one and I'd get backlogged again. You should include punctuation in what you're required to type; I spent a lot of time hitting punctuation marks before realizing I didn't need to, but it can be helpful to slow a typist down some... particularly your heavy use of quotation marks. I, personally, find those the hardest.

Anyway, my biggest problem is with the inability to keep up with my fast typing. I don't know where it started failing; I know that I never got up to speed, so maybe it was at 80wpm it failed, or maybe it was 100, but I'm sure that I made the keystrokes, and it happened many times.

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wunamon said that it could be called Photoshop coloring for dummies, but I'm gonna have to say that you can't be a dummy and go through all this. My brain hurts... My brain hurts and I've done this stuff all the last year in classes, (Well, not this, a lot less complex than this, otherwise my brain wouldn't hurt right now...), but anyway, I applaud you. Much more work than I could ever put into something like this. I'd get done with the first example picture and say "Nope. Not for me" and scrap it.

Wavechan responds:

eep ;_; I'm sorry your brain hurts! I guess that's why I tried to put the cute characters in there.. it's a lot to take in. @_@ Thank you very much for looking at it!


I got the first two wrong, but then I caught on and got three and four right. Hooray.

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More Alternative than Heavy Metal...

It's still a great song, I like just about anything that falls under the giant umbrella that is rock. Great job with it.

Pretty Good

It doesn't go smoothly from the end to the beginning... So if you worked that out it'd be a much better loop to play... Otherwise it sounded good.

Sounds pretty good

It was a very simple, easy to listen to sound. I liked it all the way through. It's really not my taste, but I won't let that change my vote.

JMC987 responds:

Thanks for giving your input!

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