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An Update

2008-08-23 21:49:21 by IanShine

So for anyone actually reading this, all of my old projects were scrapped. (Obviously... Notice the fact that neither of them have made it to the portal yet). That doesn't mean they won't be done, but I'm waiting on Flash 10 to work on them. They were heavily 3D and, seeing as how I animate using only Flash itself, it was a near-insurmountable task for me to accomplish, especially with my busy schedule. Currently, I'm working on a Battlefield Life Part 1 Remake. It'll feature some more action, more humor, and more playing time, and most importantly, decent graphics. (They definitely won't be great, but they won't be blobs of brushes this time, I promise ;D)

A Battlefield Life - Part Two

2008-01-24 18:12:07 by IanShine

I get the feeling that this might never be seen, but I'll give you all updates on the next installment of the Battlefield Life series. About 1/4 the graphics are finished, and all but two voice actors have sent in their parts. In other words, I need to get to work on graphics and animation, so I can be done about the time my voice actors come through.

Also, Part Two will be called Karkand Hotel, with the subtitle, Someone's going to hell.

I'm actually taking a break for the moment, but I am working on a new flash. It's a side project that's really developing. For those of you that have heard of (And are annoyed by) Viewtiful-Chris, this flash I'm working on parodies him, along with all kinds of other flashes. (The war of spam vs. good -- Tom is on good's side. Just for kicks, since Wade put Chris' first video on the front page, Wade is on the side of spam. :D)

A Battlefield Life - Part Two